13 March 2012

Some interesting things you see around Radelaide

Every now and then it is a bit of fun to wander around my own city and be a tourist in my own town! So now I guess with the wonders of the smart phones, I am now able to photograph and upload to facebook in a few minutes and share with my friends.

I have done a lot of travel, and I still love and admire my little town and its attempts to be just that little bit more unique than anywhere else in the world.

This is a graffiti art in the East End of Adelaide near the cinemas, it is two a couple of Michael Jackson drawings, this being the Thriller version but there is also a MJ 'Off the Wall' version as well:

Not sure why I took this picture, but it slightly amused me that someone was driving around with a car that has eyelashes - definately and indivual game enough to drive this little lady around:

This was a 3D chalk art display done in the middle of Rundle Mall, it is of the Tardis from the DR Who movies, I thought it was awesome, it will just be a shame when we get some rain:

Vegetables in the East End:

(p.s. there is a cache here LOL)

Oh yeah there is a cache here as well:

Brotherly Love! - Feb 2012

So at the moment my boys pretty much do nothing but fight with each other, but every now and then I catch a glimps of some brotherly love, and today luckily I had my camera out to capture the rare occurance.

It is a Boy for Lisa and Mark - Congratulations - February 2012

My dear friends Lisa and Mark welcomed to the world little Patrick Mark Luyten born on the 15th February 2012. I wish them all the most happiness in the world with their new little family and a big congratulations to you both.

Rocky Horror in the Botanic Gardens - December 2011

With Amy and Bryan being in Adelaide we made a last minute decision to go and see Rocky Horror in the Botanic Gardens, I dont get out and about that often so it was a welcome opportunity to get out of the house.

It was special for Amy & Bryan too as it was the first time for them in getting Lachy babysat.

Its a Boy for Amy and Bryan! - November 2011

Yay for my dear friends Amy and Bryan on the birth of their new little man Lachlan. I am so happy for you guys and can not wait to come up and see him again. Born in November and is a scorpio just like me!

Sorry had to steal a photo from Amy's facebook, since I couldnt get a new born photo myself!!!!

Congratulations guys and welcome to the world Lachlan xox

My Spunky Boys - October 2011

My Sk8ter Boi taken at Kayla and Jacobs birthday party:

My party boy taken of Harrison before his first mixed disco Party:

My two little chickens being nutcases in the city:

12 March 2012

Disney Cars Tour - May 2011

Disney Cars Tour - Torrens Parade Ground

A fun day out with the boys doing boys things! This was a free event, but lucky we got there early, the line up to get in by the time we left was huge.

Harrisons first Sports Day - May 2011

Harrison was a member of the Yellow Team for his first sports day and it was all very cute, as a reception the activites were all very laid back and there were no winners of individual events, so each child had lots of fun without having to be too competative.

31 December 2011

Blog catch up

I am a little behind on my blog these days, so I am going to upload some photos from the past year and add the extra commentry when i can :-).

Easter 2011

Easter was a pretty low key affair for us this year, Graham had only just got out of hospital and was not very well so Easter bunny visited the boys, they ate way too much chocolate for breakfast and spent the day in their pajama's.

27 October 2011

Next spot by the beach is Glenelg - April 2011

Well school holidays and another day by the beach, this time our beach of choice is Glenelg. It was a lovely day, bit of a cool breeze - but the water was freezing, which is why we were amused by this crazy tourist thinking that some jetty diving would be a good idea.
Not sure how on Graham got Harrison to attempt some push ups, but figured I had better take a photo to prove to him one day that he could.

we found some awesome antique motor bikes which I actually photographed for Grahams dad but never got around to show him the photos - so Ken on the off chance that you might actually see this blog, these were taken for you:

Some adventures frollicking in Port Adelaide - April 2011

Sometimes when you are bored and have absolutely nothing to do, the best adventures are what you can find close to home.

Being school holidays we decided that some trips out to Port Adelaide would be an interesting outing and we were not disappointed at all. Our first trip on a rather wintery day was to stop and have some pancakes for morning tea and as you can see from the photos, there was nothing healthy at all about that for breakfast.
Then we spent some time, taking in the local surroundings, enjoying the markets & eating hot Cinnamon donuts on the wharf.

Our next day in the Port saw us take our annual trip to the Port Adelaide train museum. It makes for a wonderful day out, and when you have two boys who love their trains, it really is worth every penny.
My boys are kept entertained at every turn and corner, climbing the steam engines and exploring our history.