13 March 2012

Some interesting things you see around Radelaide

Every now and then it is a bit of fun to wander around my own city and be a tourist in my own town! So now I guess with the wonders of the smart phones, I am now able to photograph and upload to facebook in a few minutes and share with my friends.

I have done a lot of travel, and I still love and admire my little town and its attempts to be just that little bit more unique than anywhere else in the world.

This is a graffiti art in the East End of Adelaide near the cinemas, it is two a couple of Michael Jackson drawings, this being the Thriller version but there is also a MJ 'Off the Wall' version as well:

Not sure why I took this picture, but it slightly amused me that someone was driving around with a car that has eyelashes - definately and indivual game enough to drive this little lady around:

This was a 3D chalk art display done in the middle of Rundle Mall, it is of the Tardis from the DR Who movies, I thought it was awesome, it will just be a shame when we get some rain:

Vegetables in the East End:

(p.s. there is a cache here LOL)

Oh yeah there is a cache here as well:

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