25 October 2011

Grahams Accident

I have not blogged for awhile and that is because I have found it hard to put into words the events that happened the week before Easter. How do you put down here in a blog painful events, when I more want to remember the happy times in my life. That being said, I think it is important to write about it, and remember, and look back and realise just how lucky I am that it has all turned out to be a good ending.

All I can say is that my perfect world came crashing down around me with the thought that I was going to loose my husband. In brief, Graham went out on a bucks night in April, while I looked after the kids. It was all meant to be innocent fun with some of the guys he works with, yet at 2:30am I received a phone call from the police to say that Graham had been assaulted and was being rushed to hospital. I was not given the extent of his injuries and was left in a state of shock and despair.

I am very lucky that my sister was the triage nurse at the hospital that he was being taken too because I was able to leave my boys sleeping while I sat by the phone to find out the extent of his injuries. At first we thought that it may have just been alcohol self inflicted and that he just had way too much to drink, however at 5:30am I got the call to say that he had a fractured skull, swelling to the brain and was therefore being rushed to the Royal Adelaide Hospital for treatment for brain trauma.

I dropped my boys off at Grahams mums and went straight to the hospital. When I got to him he looked terrible, had slurred words but still managed to tell me how sorry he was - I think he thought that I was going to be mad at him for being in hospital - gee did that make me feel like the evil tyrant!

The first day we didn't know if the doctors were going to operate to reduce the swelling in Graham's brain, it was the most awful feeling all day. Luckily his CT scan showed that the swelling was reducing by itself, and surgery was not necessary.

It was a week of hell, trips back and forth to the hospital every day, finding sitters for my kids and shoving them where ever someone could have them, my stable diet became what ever the healthiest thing was available in the vending machines. I think at this stage I really needed my friends help - but I am not one to ask for it, and therefore it was not really received.

Thankfully Graham got well enough to come home from hospital just in time for Easter with the kids. He was confined to bed rest because he still had double vision and balance problems. In all he ended up having nearly 3 months off work and even today still has not fully regained his sense of smell and taste.

We are rebuilding, it has been tough, but we are all getting through it. I don't think I will ever fully get over this, just the other night Graham worked overtime and came home from work late, and I ended up a blubbering mess thinking something had happened to him again.

I know that I act tough, and if you ask me ill tell you that things are wonderful, but in reality I will now fear every time Graham goes out without me. Every minor bump in the road will have me wondering if this will affect the equilibrium of our lives.

Those gutless wonders that did this to my husband are still out there, and what is worse would have not the slightest care of what they have done, and what they have put my family through. All I can hope for is that Karma will have its turn.

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