11 May 2007

A week in Queensland

Ok, well last week Graham, Harrison and myself spent a lovely week with our friends Rachel & Michael and their children - Courtney, Jacob and Kayla-Jayde in sunny Queensland. The weather was perfect, it was around 30 degrees everyday in comparison to cold and raining in South Australia! (I am not complaining because we certainly need the rain) We stayed in a holiday village just outside of Surfers Paradise called 'Ashmore Palms', and as much as I was quite hesitant about staying there in the first place, it turned out to be quite a lovely place - and it certainly kept the kids occupied with the playgrounds and swimming pools when we were not out at the theme parks.

We went to every theme park that the Gold Coast had to offer. Our itinerary went like this:

Sunday - We arrived in Coolangatta via Jetstar Airlines
Monday - Dreamworld
Tuesday - Wet & Wild
Wednesday - Explore Surfers Paradise
Thursday - Sea World
Friday - Movie World
Saturday - Dreamworld & White Water World
Sunday - We left for Brisbane to spend a day with Suzanne, Chris & Declan
Monday - Depart Brisbane via Virgin Airlines back to Adelaide

So where do I start, well I guess at the beginning with Dreamworld. I have been to Dreamworld a few times now and it is always good fun. the rides such as 'The Giant Drop' and 'Tower of Terror' never disappoint - they definitely kept Graham and Michael amused!
For Harrison I guess the highlight of his day was the new feature of 'Wiggles World', Harrison is a total Wiggles nut, when the Wiggles are on the TV you can not get his attention, he goes into a Wiggles Zone! I tried to get his photo of him with all his favourite characters but he would not get out of the 'Big Red Car' and we could only get him with Henry the Octopus:
Day 2: 'Wet & Wild' this was a great sunny day, but the water was freezing there seemed to be no heating to it at all. I don't have a photo but Jacob and Kayla-Jayde were maniacs in the kids water park area, they loved it, whereas Courtney was fearless and went on all the scariest slides that even I was too chicken to go on - she was like that at all the parks, it was great!

Harrison, well he just laid back and enjoyed the atmosphere!

Day 3: "All roads lead to Nerang" ok a bit of a joke between us adults on the trip. We decided that today was the day to head into Surfers Paradise. We were all set to catch the bus, and we made our way to the bus stop - except we got on the bus on the wrong side of the road and instead of heading to Surfers via Pacific Fair we were headed to Nerang. Ok, this was a small mistake, because luckily when we got to Nerang station, there was a connecting bus leaving straight away to Surfers.
(Here is a photo of Surfers Paradise taken from the eye at Seaworld)

Ok, so do you think we learnt from our little bus mistake, well think again! After our day in Surfers, we caught a bus to Pacific Fair (We got that part right!). When we pulled in, I saw a bus on the other side of the road saying 'ASHMORE', we all sprinted off the bus and headed over. My mistake, yes ill admit it, but we ended up speaking to the bus driver behind it, and he told us that yes he went to Ashmore (even though the front of the bus said NERANG).
Well yes he definately went to Ashmore, but via the back streets of Nerang. It took us over 1 and 1/2 hours to get home (should have been a 15 minute trip if we did it correctly!). Good job we were not on the Amazing Race because I think we would of got eliminated!!! Sorry guys!!!
By the time we got back to the Holiday Village, every single one of us was grumpy and stressed and well over the QLD public transport system!

Here is a photo of Jacob, Kayla-Jayde, Harrison & Courtney taken near Cavill Avenue in Surfers Paradise:

And here is Rachel, Michael, Courtney, Jacob & Kayla-Jayde taken as a token of their first real family holiday:

Day 4: Seaworld - probably the highlight of my trip, this was the day that Rachel and myself did the dive with the Dolphins. We had such a great time, I think I can say for Rachel as well but it was defiantly well worth the experience and the $165 dollars to do it (crazy prices - Graham & Michael didn't think it was worth the money of course!)

After we got home from Surfers, my sister Amanda and nephew Tre arrived later in the evening to spend two days with us in sunny Queensland!

Day 5: Movie World - Well today was a great day, Amanda and I actually caught up with our Uncle John and Auntie Marina who were also holidaying on the Gold Coast. Here is Uncle John with Wonder Woman:

There was a new ride in Movieworld from when I was here last, it is the 'Superman' Roller coaster and it was very fast and very exciting, and yes I managed to get Uncle John, Graham and Tre on there in one go - Amanda was a chicken and sat with Harrison instead:

Harrison had his turn though, there were some water fountains in Looney Tune Village that he loved, we got him down to his nappy and he ran a muck, I think we sat there and watched him play for about an hour

Amanda and Tre also had a great day, here is a photo taken in the Wild West area:

Day 6: Back to Dreamworld and White Water World - today we went back to Dreamworld to have another go on some of the rides, considering it was the weekend it was not too busy. The difference today was we hopped between two parks. White Water World is right next door to Dreamworld and very similar to Wet & Wild - It was good, more water and of course the kids all had a ball - what is it with kids and water!

Day 7: Today we all went our separate ways, Amanda and Tre left to catch a plane back to Adelaide. Rachel, Michael and the kids headed back to a day at Wet and Wild and Graham, Harrison and Myself checked out of Ashmore and headed to Brisbane to meet up with our friends Suzanne, Chris and Declan.

I met Suzanne after I had Harrison in our mums group - every one of the girls in our mums group have now become great and valued friends - I love all the girls and babies all to bits!
Seeing the boys play together was great, they really interacted well - definitely not babies anymore!

Suzanne and Chris treated us to a lovely dinner, a walk around the area where they live and then we finished the night by putting the boys to bed, then out the back for a spa! It was just what I needed to end a very long and busy week.

We flew out of Brisbane Airport the next day back home to Adelaide, which was cold and wet when we got of the plane - but yes it was great to get home and get back to normal!!!!

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Lisa & Mark said...

Wow sounds like you had a good time!! Harrison is growing so much he looks like hes nearly as big as Kayla Jayde in that photo :-)