28 May 2007

My Mums Group - A Big "Cheers" to great friends!!!!

Here is a blog dedicated to the good friends that I have made through my mums group.
I guess the journey started when a group of girls got together through CAFS to do fortnightly mums group information and get together sessions. The content of our sessions didn't really matter too much, because we chatted between ourselves, learnt from each other and formed friendship bonds very quickly.

The photo below was taken (I think) in late 2005, and from memory I think the ages of the babies at the time ranged from about 14 weeks to about 20 weeks.

From Top Left we have: Vanessa & Emily, Jackie & Abigail, Laura & Harrison, Amy & Bailey, Stacey & Harvey, Suzanne & Declan
Bottom Left: Nat & Jayde, Sue and a doll (LOL - Jake was home sick for our first group shot) and Carol our CAFS co-ordinator

As a group we continued to try and get together once a fortnight after leaving CAFS (exception of Nat & Jayde - they never came back - we must have been a scary bunch!), this worked and continued for a few months, then as we all started to go back to work, catch up times became a little harder, but we have still managed it!

These photos were taken at Gawler Fasta Pasta, in commiseration of Suzanne, Chris & Declan leaving to live in Queensland - (we miss you - come back to SA). Missing from the photo is Stacey and Harvey, they unfortunately left early in the evening because Harvey was a little unsettled. Sue and Jake were also missing due to other commitments.
As you can see from the below picture, we have even managed to get the 'husbands' in on the group!!!

From Left: Declan Chris & Suzanne, Harrison Graham & Laura, Bailey Scott & Amy, Abigail, Adrian & Jackie, Emily James & Vanessa.

Not long after Suzanne left for Queensland, Stacey Andrew and Harvey left to go and live in country Victoria, good for them, but bad for us. Our little group has dwindled, but despite distance and work hours we have all remained close, and our babies - well should I say toddlers are now growing up together and forming their own special bonds!

The above photo is our most recent taken on the 25th May 2007, Suzanne Chris & Declan came back down to Adelaide for a christening and we all had a catch up at the playground at Gawler Caravan park where they were staying.

The babies are now very much toddlers, and as we all get closer to the the 'terrible two's' I am sure we will continue to have each others support (it will be especially needed to help us mums recover from a morning of toddler tantrums!!!).

And as for our little mums group, well it is going to be expanding with Sue and Amy both due to have their second babies soon and Stacey and Harvey are coming back to SA to live in a few months. As for Suzanne and Declan - flights are cheap and email is free so we will definately continue keeping in touch!!!! (as per my previous blog on my QLD trip)

So girls - if you get a chance to read this:


Love Laura

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