24 August 2007

Family Photos Taken end of July 2007

Just after Harrison turned two and before we left for Malaysia, we had some family photos done, I am so happy with them, especially the one below, this is Harrison as the fifth Wiggle (a "Murray" wannabe) and the guitar that both of his nanna's got him for his birthday.

Despite the dribble forming on the t-shirt, still a good shot - he cracked it not long after this photo though!

And of course Graham and I got in on the action and had our first official family photographs done. It has only taken 2 years to get our butts in gear and get a good one done!

And again, this would have been better with a better colour shirt or different background colour


Anonymous said...

Hi Laura
Harrison is certainly growing up fast isn't he? And he is such a handsome young man (getting the best bits from Graham and yourself no doubt!).
Your family photographs look very nice indeed and I have to say, the latter family photo where you wore a black top to disguise yourself put a thought into my mind (Laura practising some magic tricks by trying to be invisible??) Hee..hee......
Until next time
Hsiao Lin

Anonymous said...

just found out the other day that one of my friend cousins is related to that Jeff guy from the wiggles...small world huh xx Lisa