16 September 2007

A Quick September Update........

It is mid September so thought it was time for a photo update.

I thought since there are not too many photos when I can say that Harrison and I have great smiles in a photo that this one was a keeper. My little boy in his fireman's hat, giving his mum a cuddle - priceless!

Well Harrison is now in a big bed and absolutely loves his 'Wiggles Big Red Car Bed'! Only thing about being in a big bed instead of a cot is now he is up with the birds at around 5:30 to 6:00am. Considering I am a grumble bum in the mornings this is not doing much for keeping a big smile on my face!

Not sure what we will do when the Wiggles becomes too daggy for him, since everything in his room is Wiggles orientated in some way!!!!!!

Last weekend we went to the Adelaide Royal Show with Amanda and Tre. It was a lovely day and the sun shined for us! I don't know how it happened but I spent around $250 - that is outrageous!!!! Oh well it was a good day out, and everyone had a great day, here are a few photos:

We got to the show at about 10am and did not leave until 5pm, it was a very long long day but a good outing. The boys got some show bags, went on a few rides, ate some junk food, so I think they enjoyed it as well.

and finally.......

"Moooooo" yes Harrison it is a cow!

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Anonymous said...

he loooks much excited about that cow.... L xx