30 October 2007

Harrison does the Symphony!

On Sunday we took Harrison to the city to see the Adelaide Youth Orchestra perform in a children's concert called "Babies Proms!". It was a concert aimed at 0-5 year olds and performed at the Grainger Studio on Hindley Street.

Since Harrison's surgery he has been really hearing so much more and is already saying quite a few more words! We thought that an outing such as this would be great to help him interact with other children and to really hear new sounds - and hey a trip into town on a Sunday morning is always a good experience!

The orchestra performed music such as 'Row Row Your Boat', 'Mission Impossible', 'Wild' and 'March' from Carmen

The orchestra really did a wonderful job and it was great to see that they were able to keep their composure with so many toddlers running around!

Harrison and the other children followed around the host whose name was Bronwen. She encouraged all the children to stomp, crawl, and dance to the music - she did a great job and Harrison thoroughly enjoyed the day out!

We stopped at Macca's on the way home for an icecream, then it was on to Harrisons little friend Dylans house for his 2nd birthday party!

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