02 October 2007

Harrison's Surgery

Thought I would give a quick update - Harrison had minor surgery today and had grommets put in his ears.

We got to Central Districts at 7am - Harrison was stuck till 8:45am until we got the call to the operating room - (all morning without breakfast is not a pretty sight for my little boy - he was letting the nurses know loudly that he wanted some food!)

I had on the gown, hat and special shoes and carried him to the operating room. The anesthetist got me to hold him while he put a gas mask on him, and after about 20 seconds of crying he was out cold and went completely limp in my arms - I was a mess and in tears straight away, It was just a horrible feeling to leave him in a room with strangers in that state.

I waited for him in recovery, and he was bought back to me about a whole 20 minutes later. It took him about 20 minutes to get his orientation back, then he was wanting food and drink again!

He had a big nap at home afterwards, but woke up happy and you would have never known he had surgery or had been under anesthetic.

I am glad that this experience is over, I know it was only minor surgery and I probably over reacted (as per usual) but I cant help being over protective!!

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Anonymous said...

glad it all went ok... must be really hard doing that...but all good in the end.. xx lots of xx lisa