17 December 2007

Christmas Photo 2007

Well who ever said you need to go to the Magic Cave to get a good photo of your child with Santa??

After the Wiggles concert I ventured into the city with Harrison in the hope to let him see the wonders of the Magic Cave in David Jones - well what a joke that idea was! I take my hat off to those parents who choose to brave the trials and tribulations on what can only be the craziest place on earth! Hundreds of children lining up for about two hours to have their short time with Santa - Well we went, saw the Que, turned around and went and saw Santa in the Harris Scarf department store and had this lovely photo taken instead!

I love this photo - it is so natural and one of the better ones we have managed to get in awhile!

Christmas this year is so exciting now that Harrison kind of has an idea what it is! 8 more sleeps till the big day, then it is all over and we will all be saving for it again next year!

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