05 January 2008

A Christmas 2007 and New Year 2008 Summary!

Well it is a few days past New Years 2008 and Christmas 2007, but I thought I would do a bit of a wrap up on what we have been up to!

Christmas was great in that it was the first year that Harrison has really been excited about seeing Christmas lights and decorations, and was curious as to what 'Santa' was all about.

We spent Christmas Eve with Amanda, Tre and Mum and had a lovely Turkey salad for dinner. Amanda was working Christmas day which meant we would not be able to catch up - The joys of being a Nurse.

Christmas morning we were up at about 6:30am (unfortunately there is nothing unusual about that) and we all ventured into the lounge room to see what goodies Santa brought. Of course Harrison ripped into his presents as soon as he saw all the millions under the tree. I filmed him opening his pressies, and it honestly took about an hour to get through them all - he would open one then want to play with that before moving on to the next one.

His main present came from Santa being a huge sand pit arriving in the back yard - those reindeer's must have been relieved to get rid of that heavy load from their sleigh!

Christmas morning here in South Australia was actually quite cool so we didn't get a chance to spend too much time building sand castles - but plenty of time to play with the cars, trucks, Thomas the Tank and all the other bits and pieces he got!

Then we had a visits from the grandparents (Granddad, Nana Karen and Nana) and once again more presents arrived! My boy was very spoilt.

For lunch we went to Grahams Parents (Nan and Pops house) and we had a lovely Barbecue with lovely Scotch Fillet Steak and Chicken, with some lovely salads, the food was lovely but of course we all ate way too much. More grandparents meant more presents for Harrison so he had the present unwrapping down packed by this stage.

After an afternoon nap (I think for all of us) we then went and spent a bit of time with Rachel, Michael and the Kids! We went home exhausted and kind of glad it was over!
Boxing day was spent down south with a visit to my dads house for a few hours and then after to a friends from work for a swim in their pool.

Well for New Years the temperatures here in Adelaide soared, we hit I think 43 degrees (Celsius) and we were all sweltering!

We did however manage to leave the house in the evening to go to Elder Park for a family fire works show held at 9pm. This was Harrison's first experience of fireworks and he loved them, I was a bit worried that it might hurt his ears especially since sounds are a bit more sensitive to him, but he was in awe of it all.

We then got home and met up with our friends Rachel and Michael, put Harrison to bed and had just a few beverages of the alcoholic nature to see 2008 in!


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