17 April 2009

Easter 2009

What can I say, celebrating Easter with young children has made the holiday so much more exciting and wonderful than what I ever imagined!

Previously I looked forward to Easter, because it meant that I got a 4 day paid holiday from work and it generally meant a road trip to some holiday house, or a trip to see my Melbourne relatives (which I do miss doing I might add). Now with Harrison at the age of 3 1/2, his innocence and excitement at the prospect of some silly rabbit hiding chocolate eggs around our back yard was so amazing to watch.

We got up just before him and scattered some small eggs around the back yard for his own private Easter egg hunt - we didn't hide them too hard, he is only 3 and getting up at 6am does not really put you in the right frame of mind to put them in too many bushes or hidey holes around the back yard.

When Harry got up and came into our room, he knew it was Easter, but did not really know what it entailed! We all got up and took him out side, and that is when the excitement and the hunt began!

Harry was told that once all his eggs were found a special treat was also waiting from him, and was hanging from the clothes line....... We didn't really think that too much chocolate was necessary so we thought he would also like a small gift. Lets face it, I am not going to let him eat very much chocolate at a time, and by the time the grandparents and aunties spread the love we will end up with a fridge full of chocolate eggs that will probably cure late night cravings for myself that is really not needed!!!

Graham provided a helping shoulder ride to help reach the special gift..........
And of course knowing my darling sons obsession with Thomas Trains, he got a new one to add to the collection, this time 'Gordon' Train was provided to perhaps take over the role of favourite train from 'Henry' (only time will tell!)

Oh and it did not take long to realise that mum and dad was actually going to let him eat some of the collected chocolate - this was all before breakfast so he was allowed a few bites, then had to have some cereal before continuing on any type of chocolate binge!
Being a baby unable to eat chocolate did not stop Mitchell from getting his share of eggs either, he wont get to eat any this year, but the pretty paper did occupy his attention for quite awhile as well! Mitchell received a couple of new outfits instead of chocolate, which is a little boring, but I look forward to the next few years of having two innocents to share the experience.

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