17 April 2009


I really have not had a chance to update my blog of late, the boys are keeping me very very busy, but I just noticed from my last blog that I promised to post some pictures of the Twinkletoes pictures that I have had done of the boys. These are probably some of the most precious memento's that I own from my babies, the type of items that you usually say 'Hey if there was a fire this is what I would grab first' (after of course the kids, husband and pets).

This first one is the one I had done of Harrison when he was 4 weeks old, luckily at this age we were able to capture almost a half smile, I think it was a lucky shot because I don't think actually smiled until he was about 7 weeks old.

Next is the one that I recently picked up of Mitchell, at the same age of 4 weeks it shows that already his hands and feet are much bigger than what Harrison's were.

I messed up when doing my order for Mitchells and did not get the same color frames, but oh well, what can you do.

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