16 June 2009

Amanda's 30th Birthday Party

Today is officially my youngest sister Amanda's 30th birthday, (Happy Birthday Chicky) but to celebrate her departure from the wonder years (that being anything less than 30) she held a great party where the theme was to dress up as either a hero or villan! Amanda dressed up as Dracula and looked beautiful, she enjoyed herself and it was great to see her having so much fun. (A little too much fun by the end of the night but if you can't lash out on your birthday, when can you?)

Now believe it or not this is the first real dress up party that I have been to since I was a kid and found the concept a lot of fun. I had no idea what to wear and after spending about an hour in the costume shop decided on the 'Queen of Hearts' who was the villan from Alice in Wonderland. The dress was great, but towards the end of the party I ditched the shoes and took off the hoop skirt that made me look like I was still pregnant!

Graham, well the decision was made as soon as he tried on the 'Buzz Light Year' costume! He was so funny, and the fact that he actually dressed up was also a miracle - I really did not think that he would do it!!!!

Mum was there, she dressed up in a roaring 20's outfit, and looked lovely as well, I think her theme was 'Roxy Heart' from the musical Chicago - not sure if that is Hero or Villan!

Speaking of effort - I think there was only about three people who did not dress up, so all round it was a fun night. We went with our very good friends Rachel and Michael, and it was great to get out of the house, get the kids babysat and enjoy good adult company!

It was a great night - even if I did have a midnight curfew to get home to hungry Mr Mitchell.

One note though Amanda - next time you cater for an event, be sure to contact Africa to let them know you will be sending over the left overs to put their country out of poverty!

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