03 July 2009

Our Holiday in Goolwa - 20 to 26 June

Well to get us out of the house we decided to take the boys on a mini break to Goolwa and to be tourists in our own town! I was lucky enough to be able to secure a holiday house through my union at work, and because we went in winter in the off peak season it only cost us $215 for the week - there is nothing better than a good bargain holiday!

We don't get to head south of Adelaide too often and it has been probably 10 years since I last visited Goolwa. I could not believe the extent of damage to the Murray River. I have heard all of the reports on the news and really did not think that the reports were anything to be taken too seriously. The water is honestly that low that it almost look like you could walk across the river with a pair of gum boots on. Here are some photos of how low the water really is:
Any way despite the dismal water levels we still found ways to amuse ourselves and even found a patch of river where the paddle steamer named 'The Oscar' did some trips. Harrison loved this, the bottom of the boat was all open and showed the engines working and the driver even let him have a go at steering the boat, he offered to let him blow the whistle but Harry declined telling him it was too noisy! However in my sons reluctance, I grasped that whistle with a firm grasp and let rip!!!!

Whilst the weather was sunny it was still really cold and Graham being a good dad, made sure Mitchey was snug as a bug in a rug!

In a couple of weeks it is Harrison's 4th birthday and I had promised him that I would take him for a trip on the Steam Ranger train which is a steam train that runs from Mt Barker through to Victor Harbor - great plan but I did not anticipate that the steam trains were in their sheds waiting to have their wheels replaced. So the plan was to take Harrison on the Cockle Train which runs between Goolwa and Victor Harbor and that way he would forget about my birthday promise (that I wont be able to keep) - No way man, he loved the trip on the cockle train but then gladly reminded me that I am still taking him on the Polar Express Steam Train (that is what he calls the Steam Ranger) - I am in big trouble!!!!!

We took quite a few trips into Victor Harbor, did some local shopping, had lunch and ice creams in the local gourmet pizza bar (my friends that know me well know my love of gourmet pizza) and of course what is a trip to Victor Harbor without a walk around Granite Island! We treated the boys on a trip across to the island on the Horse Drawn Tram, then made the venture around the island.

To start the journey around the island you have to go up approx 100 steps to start the tour - Graham and I provided quite a fair bit of amusement to other tourists as we carefully manoeuvred Mitchell's Pram up the steep steps. It was a lovely walk around the island, we stopped half way and had lunch then continued - we kind of forgot that Harry is not quite 4 years old and what seemed like a leisurely stroll to us was like a trip up Mt Everest to him. The poor boy got so tired that he went to bed early that night and without any protest!

Quite a few times throughout the week we went to different beaches to have a look at the Southern Wright Whales that come to South Australian waters. We went to Minlaton, Port Elliot, Victor Harbor but saw them best at Beecham Beach, they were so close it was amazing. I tried to get a photo of them spouting water out of their blow hole but every time they did it, I wasn't quick enough with the camera, so here is a picture of what looks like a blob in the water but is actually a whale the size of a semi trailer:

These a few of my favourite photos from our week away, this is me and the boys taken at the lookout called 'Freeman's Knob', a beautiful spot - probably one of my favourites:

Here is Graham and Harrison taking a walk around Rapid Bay - Mitchell was asleep in the car so I stayed with him, it was way to cold there to take him out anyway

And finally a couple of my favourite pictures of my precious boys enjoying their trip away!
(Sorry to all my facebook friends, you have probably already seen the photos, but at least my blog has the story behind them xox)

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