24 July 2009

Harry turns 4

Well Harry my beautiful first born has just celebrated his 4th birthday - where oh where has the past 4 years gone, this is going to sound mushy but every second with my children is so precious because I know that this age of innocence will only last for so long.
Harrison celebrated his birthday over a couple of days, on Sunday he invited some of his little friends and went to the movies to see 'Ice Age 3' - in fact 18 children in total came to his party, which seems like a moment of insanity on my behalf, but it actually worked out really well. Each child had a lolly bag, drinks and chips and all of them sat and watched the movie without any dramas, then they were picked up by their parents at the end (no mess - no fuss). Harrison had a great time and felt very special and important being the centre of attention of all of his friends.
Then on his actual birthday we just celebrated with family, I made something resembling a Thomas cake again (seems like dejavu from last year) for dinner we had chicken nuggets and chips as per Harrison's request.
Thomas the Tank Engine is still the object of Harrison's attention, in fact in Harrison's eyes there is nothing more important on the planet than Thomas and his friends - it is really adorable, he talks to his trains, sleeps with them, and obsesses over every train he sees. As you can imagine the theme for presents for his birthday pretty much revolved around Thomas and my son has so much Thomas merchandise that we could start up a display museum!

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