12 August 2009

Pink Concert - 10 August 2009 - AEC

I thought it was about time to be a paying patron at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre for a change and check out the 'Pink' concert.

It is funny even though I work there, and this is I think the 5th concert that Pink has done here in Adelaide, I have always worked front of house and have not got to see even a small snippet of the show, so hearing how good it was, I thought it should be my turn to be 'tickled pink'!

I went with Tash, Courtney and Rachel for a bit of a girly night out. I had a great time mostly because firstly it was the first time in ages that Tash and I have had a chance to catch up, it was one of many that Rachel and I have planned to do, and it was special for Courtney as this was her first ever concert - man they grow up way too quick, doesn't seem like that long ago I was giving her big baby cuddles and now here I am going with a gorgeous 12 year old to a concert!

'Evermore' was the support act and were really great, they played for just over half an hour and did a mix of the their old and new stuff. I have seen them live now quite a few times and enjoy them every time.

Then after interval Pink (Aka Alesha Moore) came on and ohhh what a show - I say show because this was so much more than just a concert! There were dancers, theatrics, artistic stage set ups, gymnastics and more costume changes than Carrie in the Sex in the City Movie!

this is a photo of her grand entrance

We were in the general admission standing area, and were at the end of the runway, so when she was on the main stage there was a little bit of distance, but when she was on the end of the runway we were only about 2-3 metres away from her.

Photo taken at either the right or wrong moment - you be the judge :-)

Pink sang a great cover of 'Queens' hit Bohemian Rhapsody, it was brilliant, the stage and blow up clowns were also amazing!

I don't know how she can physically do so many shows, the gymnastics and acrobats she uses throughout the show must be so exhausting - it is amazing to watch, but that woman must be so tired!

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