25 October 2009

Harry's day out with Thomas - 20 Oct 2009 - AEC

Well since there is a familiar trend in my previous posts on how much Harrison loves every thing about Thomas the Tank Engine and all of the other engines on the Island of Sodor, I thought it was only fitting that I blog about the day Harrison got to see Thomas live on stage.

I thought it would be good to have an outing out with just me and Harrison, so I arranged for Mitchell to spend some time with his Nana, and then it was time to go. Harry was excited, but I don't really think he knew what he was in for. He knew it was something to do with trains but had no idea that he was going to be within a few metres of the 'real' Thomas :-)
We arrived at the Entertainment Centre, had a look at the over priced merchandise which I of course gave into the pressure and bought Harrison a flicking Thomas light that cost $20 - honestly how absurd - it is obviously suckers like me who keep those companies in business.
In Harrison's age of innocence, it is really hard to describe just how great Harry made me feel when the curtains opened and Thomas gave a 'toot toot' and came out on stage. His eyes lit with excitement, he looked at me and mouthed the word 'THOMAS!!!!' then pretty much sat there star struck for the rest of the show. It really was a priceless moment that ill cherish.
We had great seats, we were in row H, which was only 8 rows from the front. There was no flash photography allowed during the show, but I did manage to take a few great shots with my flash turned off. Here are a couple of photos from the show - how great does this look!
When the show ended, Harry asked if we could stay for the next show and watch it again - to be honest I think he could watch it 20 times and not get sick of it! The below photo was taken at the end of the show - check out the look of satisfaction on his face, he was pretty impressed with himself.

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Shell... said...

Hey Laura... nice... looks like he had fun :) But the question is, could you watch it another 20 times..?! :) hahahaa