28 November 2009

Adelaide Christmas Pageant

Yes I am a little slow in putting this blog up especially since the Christmas Pageant was 2 weeks ago now, but spare time with 2 young children is difficult to find sometimes!!!

In Adelaide we are lucky enough to have a wonderful Christmas Pageant every year, which every South Australian child looks forward to whether that be watching it on television, or by lining the streets of our wonderful city and watching the beautiful floats in the anticipation for Santa arriving to his Magic Cave.

A month ago I promised Harrison that I would take him to the pageant and have a wonderful day with just me and him, a month ago, I could not have anticipated the hottest November on Record ever.

40 degrees was the forecast, and if it wasn't for that promise I made, there normally would have been no way we would have left the comfort of our lovely home!!!!! I am so glad that I left Mitchell home with Graham, because I could have never taken him out in such horrendous heat!

We got up early and caught the train into the city with Rachel and the kids, and one of Harry's kindy friends, we were lucky to have secured some VIP seats in erected scaffolding stands - its a shame though that there was no shelter from the blistering sun.

Here are just a few of Harrison's favourite floats:
And then of course along came Santa:
Some of us trying to avoid the sweltering heat from our spot in the stand:

And then our attempts to get cool after it all finished, was to jump in the fountain in Victoria Square - the only way all the kids (and adults) were able to cool off! It was so hot that I got in as well and how wonderful that cool water was :-)

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Me said...

fun! fun! That big red bus looked familiar...not sure where I've seen one of them before! LOL xxx