01 January 2010

Christmas 2009

Christmas was so lovely this year, it was a year where Mitchell celebrated his first Christmas, and where Harrison's innocence and excitement made the whole experience so rewarding.

As adults we tend to forget what all the excitement of Christmas is about, sure we go out and buy presents for everyone, we get together with friends and drink and be merry, but having young children makes it such a special time of year that I can honestly say I will cherish these few weeks for the rest of my life. Seeing my son walking around and pretending to be Santa, seeing the excitement in eyes as he talks about the elves making his presents, and pleading with me to tell Santa that he has been good and that he should not be excluded off of Santa's list - How can anyone truly get into the Christmas spirit until you share these types of precious moments with a little person?

All religious aspects aside, what I experienced this year with my children, is honestly the only way that I can describe the true meaning of Christmas.

Here are the boys photos with Santa for 2009:

Christmas for 2009 went quite well, of course we had all the usual lead up with Christmas parties and work gatherings - it actually made for a very busy December for us. I don't think we actually had a free weekend for about the 6 weeks leading up to Christmas.

In brief here is my month in review with a few pictures from some of the events:

3 December - Harrison's Kindy concert, the kids sat as a group and sang to the very proud mums and dads, 'Hokey Pokey', 'Home among the gum trees', '6 white boomers' and 'We Wish You a Merry Christmas'. In all honestly, Harrison spent weeks coming home and practicing the songs, but when it came to the night, he spent most of the time laughing and mucking around with his friend Cooper - he really did have a great time though, it was really cute to watch them both playing and having a ball :-)

4 December - Well what is christmas without a concert put on by the Wiggles, I have taken Harrison every year since he was born to see them, and kind of figured that this was possibly his last year before it is Mitchells turn. This year though, I worked the first two shows then was met by my lovely friend Rachel, who bought my boys along so that I could finish work and join them for the final show at 4:30pm. I was exhausted after a long day, but never tire of spending time like this with my children.

5 December - I got to catch up with some of my lovely work friends in the park with all the kids for our social club family day. Considering I have been on maternity leave for 12 months it was great to catch up with everyone. For my boys this was the first party of the year where they got presents, so both were pretty impressed with getting new things!

6 December - The Holden's social club picnic, well this will actually be our last Holden Christmas picnic as Graham decided it was time to move on from his place of employment of 15 years to try and have some new career adventures. Needless to say it was rather strange to be there and run into Grahams old work friends, but it was still a great day for the kids to enjoy some rides, balloons, fairy floss and of course presents from Santa. As you can see from the photo that Mitchell was so not impressed to be placed on this strangers lap!

9 December - Entertainment Centre staff party. Normally the Entertainment Centre puts on a staff family picnic, but this year because there were so many events booked in December, they decided to put on a staff only formal dinner. It was so nice we had the works, with full dinner, drinks and entertainment. It was great to see what things are like on the other side of the fence!

12 December (am) - My mums group Christmas get together was held at Carisbrook park, it was really good to catch up with all the girls because we haven't really had a chance to catch up lately, with every ones different working hours we just seem to find it really hard to get us all together at one time - this day we were very successful!!! The kids are all growing up so quickly, all of them start school in 2010, so that will be new challenges for us all to talk about!

12 December (pm)
- My work dinner at the Adelaide Convention Centre, well I got the opportunity to get dressed up and go out and enjoy some drinks and dancing with my lovely girls from work! To get out and be an adult every once and awhile is definately what is needed to recharge the old batteries, and to catch up with my lovely girls that I haven't had a chance to chat with in over 12 months was also really good - kind of made me realise though that is not really that long before I am back at work!

13 December - Breakfast with Santa at Elizabeth Shopping Centre, well not really what you want after feeling a little seedy after a big night before, but alas its a mums duty to soldier on! The boys got to go to the shopping centre before it opened and sit down and have breakfast with Santa - well actually it was more like a free breaky from Macca's and Santa walked around and chatted to the kids, there was face painting and fairies and elves, but Harrison was really interested in was the sword that the balloon man made him. In this photo Harrison and his friend Dylan are having a sword fight.

25 December (am) - Well the wait was over, Santa had arrived and there were many many presents to open (I think we went a little over board). All Harrison wanted for Christmas this year was Thunderbird 3 and for Emily Train, and well Santa delivered that and more! He received Emily and instead of just receiving Thunderbird 3, he received the whole Tracey Island with all the Thunderbird rockets. He got a huge Transformers Bumblebee, Where the Wild Things are Toys, DVDs, cars, rockets, lollies, Ben 10 toys, coloring books, clothes - honestly he got so much stuff that I cant even name it all!

Mitchell was the same he got play tables, clothes, bath toys, teddy bears and heaps more - he however was a little more interested in the Christmas Tree lights and the paper that the presents were in!

25 December (pm) - Christmas day lunch was held this year at my house. We were joined by Grahams family (photo below), my family and our surrogate family/friends the lovely 'Young' family.

We had a lovely day of 28 degrees so I decided we would have a cold lunch which consisted of cold meats, various salads and lots and lots of very yummy yet very naughty desserts. Of course we all ate too much and told bad jokes from the Christmas bon bons, but I am pretty sure a good time was had by all - I think the fact that it took about 2 days to clean my house up is always evidence of a good day.

I am a little slack this year and didn't actually take very many pictures of lunch because I was running around being a little crazy getting lunch organised (and seriously do you think Graham would even consider to pick up the camera!!), so if I get a chance I'll add a few more photos when I get them from Grahams mum and Sister who I think were both snapping away with their cameras so as for Christmas Day, ill have to add a 'To Be continued' at this stage!

Photos of Christmas which have been added to this blog on 9th January 2010 from Ricks camera:

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