05 March 2011

Mitchell's 2nd Birthday - January 2011

Well we celebrated Mr Mitchell's birthday with a small family and friends gathering, being so close after Christmas it is always going to be hard to organise any type of big gathering, but the Nana's came, and the Mashfords came so he had a great time being doted on and chased after by everyone..

He got up in the morning and got to open some presents, he got a Chuck the Truck, which is a talking truck, a new bike, and lots of other bits and pieces.
At the moment, Mitch does not really have a favorite character that he follows, but he does like all boys stuff like 'Bob The Builder', so that was the cake that I made for the occasion. The best thing about this cake was the toys he got to keep as a result.
At the end of a big day with so many presents and cake and visitors, the boys curled up together in bed for a brief moment of affection.

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