20 February 2011

Sounds By the River - 8 January 2011

I had no idea this concert was on until I heard a radio advert for it the day before, and having a shortage of babysitters I kind of figured that there was no way I would be able to go out. Well thankfully a call to my lovely mum, and the boys were sorted.

So with my lovely friend Lana and Graham, it was off to Mannum for the 'Sounds By the River' concert, for a good old Aussie Music Rock fest.

We had such a great time, Graham even bumped into some footy friends and I ended up loosing him for half the night.

We missed a couple of the warm up acts, which were pretty much some hardcore country music bands, which didn't faze me too much, but I had to make sure we were there for when Thirsty Merc came on - I love them, I even managed to get up close and personal with them after their gig and get my CD signed. (no individual photos though - pooh)

Next came Noiseworks, and let me tell you Jon Stevens can still rock out some Hot chilli Woman
Then for the finale we was treated to some Jimmy Barnes, who even though getting on in age he had everyone dancing and screaming for more.

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