08 April 2007

Easter Bunny Visits.....

Well this year was Harrison's 2nd Easter and was a bit more eventful than last year. Easter Bunny had left a trail of eggs from Harrison's room out to the family room where he had a few presents waiting for him (eggs from the bunny and books from us). He happily picked up all of the eggs in his basket and then sat eating chocolate for breakfast - oh the joy of being a kid!!

We bought Harrison for Easter the book 'Possum Magic' by Mem Fox, I think that every Aussie kid should have their own copy of this book. Last Easter we bought him 'Where is the Green Sheep' also by Mem Fox and it is his absolute favourite book, in fact we usually have to read it to him about 5 times before bed just to make him happy! Story time with Harrison is one of my favourite times of the day - he just loves books and I guess that is something you never want to discourage!

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Anonymous said...

well we hope you all had a good easter.We hope Harrisom enjoyed the easter sggs we gave him.

Love from
Dad & Helen