05 April 2007

Grahams Birthday - March update

Just a quick update because it was so cute, in March it was Grahams birthday, and along with the usual presents, Harrison helped to make his daddy a birthday cake - considering he is 1 and 1/2 years old he did a fantastic job!

Ok so we cheated a bit, I bought a pre-made sponge cake from Coles and I got Harrison to decorate it. We made some chocolate icing then Harrison was in charge of making sure the bowls of lollies were put on the cake - it was very funny because some of the ones that actually made it to the cake were sucked on a bit - I did tell Graham that there was no such thing as white M&M's!! Only a dad can sit and enjoy a piece of cake knowing where the lollies had been!! :-)
Here is a photo:

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