07 June 2007

My baby's first trip to hospital.....

What a week it has been!!!

On Sunday night, Graham and I noticed that Harrison's breathing was not normal, so we took him to the doctors and they told us to take him to hospital for oxygen, in a mad panic we then took him to the Women's & Children's hospital, where he was basically admitted into a ward straight away.

I then spent two nights with him where he was given Ventolin for the treatment of Asthma every hour! It was a bugger of a night because he kicked, screamed and cried every time we tried to put the mask on his face but we got through.

Here are some photos of him in the room, the photos were taken with my camera phone so not really the best quality but you will get the general idea!!!

And of course to keep him amused most of the time he had his own TV which played the Wiggles generally for the whole time we were there - after two days I was completely wiggled out!!!!

We are now on Asthma watch, for the next few days we need to give him Ventolin every 4 hours then once that has completed, any time he has a bad cough, or wheeze he needs to have his puffer.
Harrison is too young to officially be diagnosed with Asthma but the Ventolin his helping so chances are he probably does have it! I guess I am going to have to research this a bit more and do what I can to prevent further attacks!

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