25 July 2007

Harrison Turns 2 - Let the parties begin!

On Sunday my little Mr Harrison turned 2 - two years has just flown by so quickly, but they have honestly been the best and most rewarding couple of years of mine and Grahams lives.

Of course we did our best to spoil him (without going too overboard). Graham and I bought Harrison a train set, some Wiggles DVDs, some cars, some books and some other bits and pieces.

We spent the morning of his birthday having a bit of family time and playing with the new toys, Harrison was so distracted by his new toys that getting him to eat breakfast was a challenge in itself. As a result he threw his first tantrum as an official two year old!!!!

At lunch time we had some of the Grandparents and uncles and aunties up for a bit of a gathering, and Harrison was once again showered with gifts - he was a much loved but spoilt little boy!

I spent the night prior to his birthday making his birthday cake, it turned out well but took bloody ages, somethings are sometimes just easier to get someone else to do it for you!
The cake must have been good, because every one made sure there was only a little left over!


Well today Harrison had a little kids party at Snakes and Ladders in Gawler, I was unfortunately suffering from another cold, so I was glad that I didn't need to do a thing. We had a host who played pass the parcel with the kids, served their food and made sure things ran smoothly. I sat back had a hot chocolate and chatted with the rest of the mums.

And what is another party without another birthday cake.

In all we have had a great few days, we have so many new toys that I may have to put a few away in the spare room and bring them out gradually - Harrison just gets really worked up and focused on the new stuff that he is little bugger when you try to get him to do something!
Anyway Happy Birthday Mr Harrison - Mummy and Daddy love you very much XOX

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