20 July 2007

One month of live shows........

Ok, so it has been a month of live shows for both myself and for Harrison. I have been to shows that I would normally not go to, where as Harrison well he has seen everything you would expect a nearly two year old to enjoy.

Here is our month in Summary:

21 June 2007 - MAUDE MAGGART

I won some tickets for the Adelaide Cabaret Festival to see 'Maude Maggart' at the Adelaide Festival Centre. This is a show that I never thought I would ever go to - I mean Cabaret, and who the hell is Maude Maggart?????

Well Maude Maggart is the sister of Fiona Apple who I think had a few hits a couple of years ago - she may still be around but not that I have heard. The show actually consisted of Maude on stage singing old style cabaret songs while a guy played the piano - to set the scene the audience was seated on cosy little round tables that sat about 6 people, each table had a candle centerpiece and it was dark except for the spot light on stage. Champagne was the drink of choice to show a spark of sophistication!!! In all the show was very good, and I even toe tapped to some of the 1930's to 1960's music. It was a mind broadening experience!


Well what is a month of shows if we cant include a Wiggle theme. Since Harrison is obsessed with the Wiggles, I took him to Dorothy's Dance Party at the Starplex in Gawler, the show did not feature Murray, Jeff, Anthony or Greg (oops sorry new wiggle Sam) but it does have all the favourite characters such as Dorothy, Henry, Wags and captain Feather sword.

If Harrison was at home he would have boogied his little legs off, but for some reason he was in awe of his idol Dorothy and just wanted to sit on my lap and wiggle his toosh.

We are going to the Wiggles actual show in December this year, but this was a good warm up to the real thing - And hey, by supporting the Wiggles franchise I am sure I am doing my bit to keep the Wiggles as the top Aussie money earners!!!! (HMPH)

27 June 2007 - HUMAN NATURE

Yes for this concert I was paid to be there but I thought it was worth a mention. I worked these guys at the Entertainment Centre, I have never been a fan, and wasn't that interested in working them when I got my shift. But honestly as lame as it sounds, these guys were fantastic, I watched just about the whole show and was just as enthralled as the audience. I now have a new respect for Motown music - these 4 guys pulled it off with a lot of class. (Lisa please stop laughing)


This is another show that I got some freebie tickets to, I am not a Dame Edna fan and definitely would not have gone to this show if not for the whole free ticket factor.

I can say that I did have some laughs through out the show, and in some parts I wanted to run out of the theatre screaming and tearing my hair out at the same time.
I liked Barry Humphries characters 'Les Stralia' and 'Dame Edna' they were both quite funny, but the other characters that he did bored me to almost tears. I don't have a warped sense of humour or maybe I was too young to appreciate some of the humour!


I took Harrison to see New MacDonald's Farm at the Norwood Town Hall, he loved this one, he jumped around, wiggled his butt and had a generally good time.

When he wasn't dancing, he was raiding his bag and eating just about everything I had packed for him. The dancing must have worked him up an appetite because I have honestly not ever seen him eat so much

18 July 2007 - CAT

This was a play based on the book 'Cat' by Michael Dumbleton and Craig Smith. It was aimed at children under 3 and was played at the South Australian State Library.

Harrison was a little under the weather when we saw this, a few nights of an Asthma cough had worn him down a bit, but regardless he really enjoyed this. The actors walked around acting like cats, dogs, mice and birds and encourage the children to copy. All the kids seemed to get involved even younger babies seemed to respond.

Below is a great photo of Harrison taken when the play had finished, but 10 seconds after the photo was taken he fell off the little stool and cried for about 10 minutes! But in all was a great day and very educational.

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