18 January 2008

A Mad Hatters Story

Now to tell the tale of wonderful lady who had the dilemma of sometimes wearing too many hats.

Well to start with the story of this woman is metaphorical, in the sense where it would be nice to say she owned lots of actual hats and enjoyed over accessorising, but the ‘hats’ in this story actually has a meaning of lots on the agenda!!

For the sense of the story we shall name this lovely lady “Laura”. (purely fictional name, and taken from the song “Laura” by the Scissor Sisters)

Laura’s first hat which is probably the largest hat on the hat rack, carries the responsibility of being the 'mum' hat – yes Laura deals with the trials and tribulations of two year old tantrums, of kissing away the pain from squished fingers, mending broken toys, giving cuddles to help forget sickness, the mediator between other children that dare to touch the sacred toys, interpreter to others as only the owner of the mum hat can understand 2 year old jargon.
When Laura decided to purchase the mum hat, being the bargain hunter that she is, she received a special deal of ‘buy one big hat, and you get a bag full of smaller hats for free’, some of these freebee hats included: Cook, Childcare Worker, Cleaner, First Aid Officer, Mediator, Swimming Instructor, Artist, Storybook Reader, Entertainer, Chauffeur, Toy Inspector, Interior Decorator, Clothing Designer and many more.

Laura’s other big hat on the rack is the 'Wife' hat, while not quite as challenging as the mum hat, owning this hat comes with many responsibilities, this is the Auditor, the Housekeeper, the friend, the decision maker, the Budgeter, the Cook, The Secretary, The worrier and many more too numerous to mention.

Further down the hat rack Laura has two work hats, one she wears to be paid to work at concerts and to show people to their seats, (by choice Laura would love to wear this hat on a more regular basis but unfortunately this hat does not pay the bills as well as her other work hat). The other work hat involves more complicated matters such as Auditing, Maths, computing and dealing with clients that would generally prefer not to hear from poor Laura at all. This work hat has both advantages and disadvantages, but on the plus side she gets to also wear her friend hat on a regular basis because the people she works with make the days worthwhile.

Next hat is the family member hat – while Laura loves to wear this hat, unfortunately sometimes this hat has a hidden agenda of mediator, referee, and problems solver, or could be summarised as the matador between two raging bulls. This hat can sometimes be a stressful one to wear, but one Laura loves to wear regardless.

The friend hat is a good one to wear, this hat allows Laura to go out and socialise, have fun, and helps brings Laura back to earth when all the other hats start weighing her down. Laura’s friend hat does give her some worry when other associates wearing their own friend hats are hurting or sad, but thankfully Laura’s hat also allows for a shoulder to cry when needed - Wearing the friend hat is a special privilege – one she wears with pride.

Recently Laura just purchased a new hat that she will also have to wear at the same time as all the other hats. This hat is titled the University Student. Laura has not worn this new hat yet, and frankly makes her a little terrified at what the future will bring and if she will be able to walk around balancing all the hats at once. It does however give Laura the confidence of wanting to achieve more for herself than what she had previously thought possible.

While the balancing act of wearing all these hats at the same time might be a struggle, Laura is the type of person who will work it through with lots of determination.

When all the other hats are off, Laura wears the ‘I am an individual hat’ this hat makes Laura the person that she is – and love her or hate her she is achieving everything that she has wanted to do with her self with very little regrets.

Maybe one day this lovely lady will stop wearing so many hats and slow down a little but that may make life a little boring.

The end
(well for now anyway)
This fictional story was written by one mad hatter who actually had a little spare time to be mildly creative.

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Anonymous said...

That was fab!!! x

PS but you were the "amazing best friend" hat really really well