04 August 2008

Harry's 3rd Birthday

Well Just thought I had better do a quick post to reflect on my little monster turning 3 years old.

We decided that instead of a party this year, we would have a little family time to rest and de-stress and as a result on the morning of the big event, we were actually on a little get away in Port Vincent on the York Peninsula, so of course had to lug all of the presents with us.

For some reason we thought it was a marvellous idea to bring a 'Thomas The Tank' train set that when set up ended up taking control of the entire lounge room!

It is now a permanent fixture in our front lounge room, because it is too hard to pack up and set up all of the time. Harrison still plays with it daily so it has so far been good value!

On the lead up to Harrison's birthday, every time we talked about it, Harry mentioned that he wanted a 'Thomas The Tank' birthday cake and I being the always obliging mum, made an attempt and the final result did not look too bad!

I really have no idea where the last 3 years have gone, everyone said to me to enjoy the baby stage because it does not last long and they were right. Harrison is really now a little boy, and I look forward to experiencing with him all that being 3 years old brings (mind you attitude and his search for independence is already starting to age me beyond my time!).

Love you my 'baby' boy


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