01 October 2008

Harrison's Surgery - AGAIN!!!!

Ok yes, it Dejavu because it was only a year ago that I was writing about Harrison having the same surgery, but he has just yesterday had his second lot of grommets put in his ears.

The last lot came out about 6 months ago, and once again he has had ear infection after ear infection. Not a good thing for him or us because we have to deal with Mr Grumble Bum! Hopefully this second dose of surgery will be a bit of a relief for him.

This time round I did have my trusty camera phone handy and took a couple of 'before the surgery' shots.
And then the journey to theatre, started off fun, but I don't think Harrison was prepared for what was waiting for him at the other end.
Harrison was such a brave little man, he came out from surgery a bit groggy, but soon settled quickly and was asking for food, drink, toys, TV - yep didnt take him long to get back to his normal self!

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