19 October 2008

Amy's Hens Night

Well on the 11th October 2008 I went to the Hens Night of one of my oldest and dearest friends, Amy!

Just for a background, we have been really good friends since first meeting at Fremont High School, and along with Lisa, Lana and Tuti, is really the only ones from our year 12 gang that I really keep in contact with any more.

We have all seen each other go through the perils of puberty, moving out of home, adult hood, finding first loves and losing first loves, first cars, first homes, marriage, divorce, 18th 21st and now 30th birthdays (sorry girls), We have helped each other through loss of loved ones, and celebrations on other big achievements - I love my dear and wonderful friends and even though oceans and states or just Main North Road divide us all. I cherish every little bit of our friendships!

Ok now that a lump has welled in my throat and I am getting all mushy and emotional, ill go on to the lovely Amy. Even though it took moving to Melbourne to meet the dashing Bryan, she still remembered her routes and had her hens night with all of us lovely Adelaide girls!

Michelle who has been Amy's best friend since Kindergarten, had the job of arranging the hens night and finding things to do that Amy loves the most and of course picked a dancing theme. We all met at Bar Rouge on North Tce, and then was treated to an hour of lessons in Belly Dancing, Bollywood Dancing and Burlesque Dancing. We were given the belly dancing belts to wear, kicked off our shoes and went with it!

After the tiring escapades of dancing at Bar Rouge, we moved on to dinner at a lovely Indian Restaurant called 'Jasmins' on Hindmarsh Square. The food was lovely, but somethings were a little more spicy than expected and I was kicked a little by Baby Mc who did not agree with some of chilli's and Indian spices in the food!

After more food than anyone could bare was served, us lovely ex-Fremont girls headed off to a cocktail bar in Rundle Street.

The girls looked after me and made sure that Tuti and I who where the two pregnant chicks did not miss out on a cocktail and got the waiter to make us up a lovely 'Mocktail' which was fruity and much like a boost juice in a cocktail glass!
After much catch up, and comparing ourselves to the characters from 'Sex In the City' we went home to look forward to the next weekend which was the lovely Amy's big day!

A big congratulations my dear friend - enjoy all of the experiences that all of this brings for you!

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