19 October 2008

A New Baby Mc

Well I have been holding off on blogging about the pending arrival of the new baby Mc, just because it is still a concept that I have been getting used to myself and since it is completely impossible to hide the baby bump, I thought that it is now time to introduce one of the first photos of the next baby Mc!

Baby Mc is currently due to arrive into the world on the 9th January 2009, and will be our second child and a brother or sister to Harrison.

Sorry people no spoilers, because we do not know the sex of bubs, we just know that all scans so far show that it is healthy and growing at a normal rate. If you ask Harrison what I am having, he is adamant that he is having a brother, other people say the way I am carrying shows it is a girl, so if anyone wants to lay any bets, the odds are good at 50/50!

We have about 14 weeks now to get through, and to get organised. I finish work in the 1st week of December, so hopefully this baby does not do what Harrison did and arrive a month earlier than planned.

Watch this space for baby news as it happens!!!!

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