18 January 2009

Mitchell's Special Visitors...... The family and friends shots.....

Well in the two weeks since Mitchell's birth, we have had a lot of special visitors to welcome him to this world. Here are a few of the photos to share of some of the visiting family members and friends to the hospital:
Harrison, Pop, Nan and big cousin Aynsliee

Great Grandma comes for a visit

Tre, Harrison and Nana steal a cuddle

Auntie Amanda gives big hugs

Grand dad and Nana Karen give cuddles as well.

Auntie Rachel, Uncle Michael, Courtney and Kayla

Auntie Sharon, Uncle Tony, Sarah and Amy also visit......

I am sorry to my other friends and family that have visited and not had their photo added, I have not always been quick enough to get the camera out for photos. However, every ones best wishes have been very happily received.......

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