10 January 2009

Mitchell Ashley - The First Day.......

Ok well as expected we have a new little addition to our family. Mitchell Ashley was born on the 5th January 2009 at 10:11am weighing 3.95kg or 8lb 11oz.

Labour wise it seemed to be a lot easier 2nd time round. I was given a hormone on the Sunday night, with the expectation that nothing would happen until the next day.

Of course I would have a baby that does the unexpected, because I officially started my labour and contractions at 2:30am. After receiving some much needed pain relief (Pethidine and Epidural) I went through most of the night fairly comfortable, but no sleep. At 8:30am my doctor advised that I was 4cm dilated and would probably not have the baby until after lunch. Again the unexpected, when just about 40 minutes later, the baby moved into position and as mentioned by 10:11am little Mitchell Ashley was born.

Here are a few pictures of Mitchell taken within the hour of his birth

A very proud mum and dad - definately not a glamour shot, but the first one we have.....

Next, sorry if you are squeamish but this is Graham getting to cut the cord for the second time, this is the closer cut to the belly button clamp.

At 53cm long, I guess we have another tall baby on our hands.

3.95kg or if you prefer the old system 8lb 11oz

At least dad could pose for some decent photos - I was not up for it!

These are just a couple of photos of Mitchell I thought I would share of my boys first moments after birth. I will post shortly some photos taken when he has been cleaned up and looking even more spunky!

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Mitchell Ashley said...

Congratulations to your new baby! And what a fantastic name :)

I received a Google alert this morning that my name, Mitchell Ashley, appeared on this web site. What a nice surprise to see the birth of you baby.

Mitchell Ashley's a great name and I hope enjoys a beautiful life.

Blessings to all of you.