26 January 2009

Three weeks on.......

I find it really funny when you have a baby, people ask you 'Is he a good baby?' well apart from drinking milk and sleeping at this age, the babies don't really do much more than that. I figure as long as Mr Mitchell is doing that, then he is a good baby! He is on 3 hourly feeds, day and night, so I guess you can say I am not getting too much sleep at the moment. It is hard but this baby stage is so precious and gorgeous and lasts for such a short amount of time, that I am grinning and bearing it!
Here are some pictures of my second little treasure - I think already his features are changing and he is developing his own character.

It took nearly two weeks but we finally manged to get a photo of the two boys - Harrison will never make it as a model, because when you tell him to smile this is what you get! LOL

Here I am with my boys - just missing Graham for a family shot, but I figure we will get one eventually!!!!

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