01 March 2009

A week ago, we ventured out into the Adelaide heat to get our family pictures done. We went to an independent photographer named Jason, who has set up his own studio after working for and being trained by Gainsborough Studios.

Jason was obviously very used to photographing children because he quickly took Harrison's shots, and within 10 minutes of the sitting, Harry was going stir crazy and would not pose for any more photos - Thankfully the ones of him have turned out really well.
Initially I set up the sitting for photos because I needed a good photo for Mitchell's 'Twinkle Toes' portraits, and because we did not get any professional photos of Mitchell in Hospital, I wanted some lovely new born shots.

I am not really ready at this stage to immortalise pictures of myself, not until I kind of recover from having Mitchell, but I did really want to get a good picture of Graham and the boys to put up in my room, so I opted for the below photo, (which Graham hates I should add, but I love).

I know we didn't get Mitchell in the below photo, but it is such a cheeky photo of Graham and Harrison that I could not resist in buying it as well.

Ill add photos of the Twinkle Toes portraits in the next day or two - stay tuned!

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bubblypunx said...

Wow Laura, your family portraits are just gorgeous!!!