10 February 2011

2010 Christmas Padgeant

The pageant marks the start of Christmas, you know when these lovely floats come by and the familiar clowns that are celebrity's in their own right that it is time to start hanging those decorations and making your way to the magic cave to see Santa.

Thankfully the Christmas pageant was a lovely 26 degrees today instead of 40 degrees that we experienced last year. This was an outing with Harry, Mitch is still a little too young and would not sit still long enough to enjoy (it is your turn next year Mitchy).

We got up nice and early and caught the train to the city, Harry and I had McDonald's for breakfast then walked down to Wakefield street near my work so we could sit and wait for the floats to start coming by.

Of course the way to make time go by is to sit and draw on the road with chalk. I love the pageant, and I love coming to work on the Monday after and look at all the kids drawings that are left for all the world to see.

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