10 February 2011

Graham and Michaels V8 Hotlap - November 2010

I had arranged a surprise for Graham which was to do a hot lap in a V8 race car out at Malalla race track, I kept the secret for weeks and the only clue that I gave Graham was to keep the day free. It was really amusing because he tried to guess what I had planned, I almost had him believed that he was skydiving, but I think he knew me too well, and knew that I would never arrange that - I am too much of a scaredy cat.

When the day came, my ticket was for two people and what better way for Graham to experience this then to do it with his best friend. So he and Michael suited up and did the laps together.

Of course when there were heaps of people doing laps, the waiting is the hard part for both Graham & Michael (above) and poor Mitchell waiting for his dad (below):

Eventually the boys turn came, they jumped into the yellow number 1 car and off they went.

Got to love these professional photos of the boys, so staged, and of course Graham strikes his usual un-photogenic pose. xox

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