29 December 2008

Christmas Morning - Yes Harrison got Henry.......!

As mentioned in my previous blogs, all Harrison wanted for Christmas was a 'Henry' train from Thomas the Tank Engine, which Santa happily obliged, and honestly no other toy on the morning got a look in!

We possibly made the big mistake of allowing Santa's present to be opened first, because hidden in Santa's loot was not only 'Henry' but 'Molly', 'Skarloey' and 'James'. That is four trains to add to his Thomas the Tank collection!

Not even the lure of a trampoline, a bike, cars, trucks or books could get him away from his new train collection. The below photo was taken when Harry gave his new trampoline about 2 minutes attention. Mind you, a few days after Christmas and we can now not get him off the Trampoline!!!!

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