29 December 2008

S A Brewery Christmas Lights 2008

A couple of weeks ago, we took Harrison, Tre and Mum to the West End Brewery Christmas Lights (Hindmarsh SA).

Considering it is summer, surprisingly we all needed to rug up in the good old winder jumpers for a cool but clear evening checking out Christmas lights.

It is amazing how packed out with people it gets, and we all kind of felt like sheep being herded into a pen. Harrison loved it though!!!!

A family shot - don't know why my mum felt she needed to give me extra room in the photo though....... must have felt my 'wide load' needed the extra attention!!!! ;-)

This is a great shot of two very adorable cousins........

This is a great shot of Nan with her "boys" - don't worry mum, ill get a copy of this one for you - finally a photo where you all have a lovely smile!

I had to include the snow man - seriously, can this thing look any more creepy? The only think more scary was the 'Jack In A Box' that looked more like the clown out of Stephen Kings book "IT".

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bubblypunx said...

Ok that looks freaky!!!