29 December 2008

A Baby Mc Update......

To my lovely friends and family waiting on the news of the arrival of Baby Mc, well all I can say is that the time is nearly here! I am currently 38 weeks pregnant, and have been informed by my doctor that I am having a giant baby and that if bubs does not come by itself within the next week, that I will be induced on the 5 January 2008.

Not that I particularly like my photo taken at the moment, but I thought that this bubs deserved a side view shot, because I never had one taken before Harrison was born - being a month early with Harrison, we never got a chance to have the horrid shot done!!!!

I feel much more exhausted, tired and bigger, than what I ever did with Harrison, but possibly the wonderful festive season has not helped that too much!

So all I can say is watch this space for Baby Mc news, because it seems that it is now less than a week for when baby Mc will enlighten us all with its wonderful presence.

Wish me luck - quick and painless is the words I like to hear!!!!


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