15 December 2008

Lots of Santa Visits......2008

Well tis the season to be Jolly, and what better way than lots of Christmas parties for Mr Harrison and lots of visits to tell Santa what he wants for Christmas. Each visit was the same, there was no changing his requests - Harrison has asked Santa for a 'Henry Train' to go with his Thomas The Tank Train track that he got for his birthday.

Below is a picture of Harrison taken at the Entertainment Centre staff Christmas party, this was the first trip of the year with Santa, he was nervous, but still managed a forced smile for the camera!!!!

Next we had the social club Christmas party from my work, and since it was held at the Aquatic Centre, I think Santa got a soggy knee from wet children by the end of the day!!!

This photo was luckily taken about 20 minutes before Harrison fell over his new toy, and put his top teeth through his bottom lip - blood everywhere sent us into a panic, but after it all settled, and he was given an ice block, he was a little happier. An afternoon nap in the car on the way home seemed to make it all better!!!!

OK, now this is the official Christmas photo taken with Santa at Myer, we had a lovely Santa, who was a little surprised that Harrison wanted nothing more than a 'Henry Train' for Christmas - I guess a store Santa is used to big demands from lots of children!

The day before this photo was taken, Graham thought it would be good to try out the new hair clippers we got given (Thank you Leanne and Barry!!). Well now my lovely little boy looks like he has as much hair as he did the day he was born - bald bald bald!!!!! Oh well a buzz cut looks kind of cute, ill get used to it, and it will grow back soon!!

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