26 January 2010

Australia Day 2010

Being the proud and patriotic Australian that I am, I thought it was fitting that I do a quick blog on our family outings for Australia day - 26 January 2010.

We got up early and headed down to Fremont Park for breakfast. This has kind of become an annual family event for us, free bacon and eggs cooked on the BBQ, on what is normally a hot day seems just fitting to start off our day as proud Australians. Harry and myself in particular covered ourselves in temporary tattoos, got the hats and flags and off we went.

Of course here is Harry proudly showing that he definately was 'Made in Australia' (complete with the fly's and all)

Both boys enjoyed themselves at the breakfast, but relished in the prospect of time to play in the playground before we left the park.

After going home and allowing time for naps and quiet play (I wish) we left after dinner to the family fireworks that were held at Semaphore Beach. We did contemplate heading into the city for fireworks at Elder Park, but because there was cricket being played at Adelaide Oval we figured that it would be hard to find parking and considered Semaphore the next best option.

In the end I am glad that we did because the atmosphere was great. There was a side show with rides and plenty of space on the grassed area near the beach to lay a picnic rug and sit and enjoy.

Harrison loves fireworks but considering it was Mitchell's first experience I was worried that the noise would scare him - but what do you know, my little dare devil was not fazed at all and really sat back and enjoyed the show.

After such a big day - it was no surprise that when we pulled into our carport both boys were fast asleep - it is wishful thinking for me to hope that perhaps they will sleep in past 7am in the morning after such an exhausting day, but the likeliness of that is slim.

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