09 January 2010

Mitchell's First Birthday

Where oh where does 12 months go? It does not seem like 12 months ago my second son was born. Maybe it is because I don't have enough hours in the day to do every thing that I want to do at the moment, maybe it is running after two young children, that makes time fly by so quickly.

Regardless the time has passed and here he is, Mitchell is crawling and moving around furniture. He says a few words such as 'Ta' 'Dad' 'mum' and 'D' (meaning dog). He is coming along so well. He has a beautiful personality and loves to give big kisses and cuddles to who ever wants to accept them.

He has six teeth, with four up the top and two at the bottom. He has very good sleep patterns, he goes to bed at around 7:30 - 8pm and sleeps all night until about 7:30am, he then has two day time naps with the first around 10:30am till 12pm then again at about 3:30pm until 5pm.

For Mitchell's first birthday we had the family over, and had a sausage sizzle. Mitchell was happily passed around between his Nana's, aunties, pops, granddad and cousins, and as you can see below, he was very impressed that he had his very own ice cream cake to make a total mess of!!!
He got some lovely gifts - which considering we just got over Christmas, he was a very lucky and spoilt boy.

After everyone left and there was just the boys left to entertain themselves, both boys hopped into the little wadding pool that they were given by Santa to cool off and have some fun.

Happy birthday my little Mitchy Mc, we love you very much and hope that you had a wonderful birthday.

Love from mummy and daddy xox

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Me said...

Too cute - Happy Birthday to Mitchy, lots of Love Auntie Lisa and Uncle Mark xx